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New Member

I'm running into a few different problems, I want to make my first post with the new template + elementor (before I had another layout and didn't use Elementor).
Note that I'm only using WordPress for a little over a week now, so the problem might be completely on my end.

The website: lifetolegend
(I'm sorry, I'm not allowed to link yet, it's just a com website)

Anyways, to sketch the problem.
- I get the warning that I should add 'Post Content' for Elementor to work. So, I tell elementor to continue anyways, cause, to add this post content widget, I need to be in my chosen Elementor PAGE layout (or should I be using a post layout for this?) When adding this Post Content I want to edit it away/edit it into my original layout as much as possible as it's a duplicate of my original content in a layout, but I can't edit it at all. There are some styling options and the advanced tab workers, but I can't delete components or even edit the text.

Or, I follow the steps that are nicely laid out in this video:

Design Your WordPress Blog Posts With Elementor's Single Post Template​

starting at the Elementor part. But yea, despite linking Elementor to my website, when I pick a layout (because my own doesn't work) I either get a screen that doesn't load or the message '

An error occurred'

'The following error(s) occurred while processing the request:

Connecting to the Library failed. Please try reloading the page again'.

This is very annoying because I don't want to use a premade template anyway, but I can't get started on my own, because of the points mentioned above.

What is going on here?
1: Why do I HAVE to have a 'Post Content' widget out there.
2: Why can't I customize it?
3: What's going on with the title of my custom layout when I do load it (before and after I add the Post Content widget)

Hoping you guys can help me out, everything went really smooth when building this page, but now I want to make an actual blog post I'm at a loss.

To add some context:
1. This is how I want it to look and I did save this template: Lifetolegend main page -> Welcome blog. This post was written BEFORE I changed my whole website template (from Aeon to The7 of Themeforest) and BEFORE I used Elementor. However, when switching I changed the old layout into the one you see now with Elementor and saved it to be used in future posts - which doesn't work.
2. This is one of the layouts I get when trying to work through the steps in the video I mentioned before: Lifetolegend main page -> Life Cycle of Jellyfish. When I have the title set on 'Show page title' it doesn't show this recent post sidebar. When I remove it it suddenly adds this sidebar, smashing the content together. Just like the 'Post Content' widget, this sidebar can't be edited either, nor can it be removed.

Thank you!


New Member
I have to add another issue which might or might not be related:

I can now open a new page, using a non-pro page (instead of a block). But as soon as I add the Title widget it automatically loads the previous title - which can't be edited (I can only add text in front or behind the text, but the text stays).

The same happens when I add 'Post Content', it automatically loads the wanted layout, which can't be edited either.


New Member
Did some more testing, again using the page template from elementor. Before that I tested a bit with Wordpress post, to see if I could change that post into the template I wanted after typing some and clicking on 'edit with elementor' but this doesn't work. I changed the text though, and the title in the WP post.

So I went back and used the page template from elementor, removed everything I didn't want and added a title and text editor, guess what: It took the title and the text of the post I made (and removed) with the new WP post. And it can't be edited. How is this possible?


New Member
Another addition, even when I click on an automatically generated lorum ipsum post (which came with the template) and I try to edit it, it automatically switches to my last post text, like explained in my previous post. I can sometimes edit the text, sometimes I cant, but I can never edit the title.

I also notice that áll the blogposts have the same text now, but different (original) titles.


New Member
It sounds like your editing a template. If you load a template it will pull what’s in the original template. It’s why you can’t edit it, because it’s referencing back to the template. I’m currently having issues with post content as well. Try creating page with a template. Don’t know if it helps. I’m new to Wordpress/ elementor as well. Good luck!!!

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